contacts Lettonie


Nice to hear from you. We definitely can offer you some empty box for bike as we have them a lot.
Let us know about one week ago that you will pass by so we can make sure we will be able to arrange all.
My private number is +371 2 666 9778 – so feel free and call me or message.
Our address:

Balasta Dambis 3, LV1048, Riga, Latvia (we are located next to cycling road and you will see our shop called Simple Bike Store (SBS)) not so far from biggest bridge “Vansu Bridge”.
You will find us easy as we are well known and visible from street where cycling road goes.

Yes you can deffinetly pass by and take as many boxes  you want!
we have here largest indoor skatepark in BalticStates!
Let me know when you  arrive.
You can find us here —>
 SIA Mind Work Ramps

Reģ. nr. 40103634119
Adrese: Stirnu iela 37a-4, Rīga, LV-1084

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